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Here are a few tips to help you kick start your mastermind experience. 

Starting a business alone can be a real struggle, especially when your friends and family don’t understand. Personal connections are much more powerful.



I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes a week or two without leaving my house, right? And talking to my cat is fun, but I think I would have gone crazy by now if not for my weekly mastermind meetings. When you work from home, socializing can be hard–so even if it’s “just” Skype, talking to people can boost your mood and make you feel like less of a recluse.

Someone(s) to lean on.

 As much as we love our friends and family, many of them just don’t “get” what we do. Talking to them isn’t always helpful, because they don’t have the same problems. Having other people who understand what it’s like to run a small business can make a huge difference when you’re struggling.

An outside look at your business. 

Sometimes we’re too close to things to see our businesses the way outsiders do. Having someone with a fresh set of eyes to look over your website, offerings, branding, etc. can let us know how we’re coming across to other people.

New Business Ideas

The generation of New Business Ideas, These are ideas over and above anything you may have come across when brainstorming – these are completely new ideas, not even related to your existing business. Just being in the same room as all this superior business brain power will led to some of your best new business ideas.


A mastermind isn’t just about you picking other peoples’ brains. What can you bring to the table to help the other members?


An incredible level trust and mutual respect develops between our Mastermind peers.

Members are usually more than happy to cross promote to each others social media and real world networks. More than that, members often become clients and customers of other members. Joint ventures are regularly conducted and occasionally Partnerships are formed.

Put simply, Masterminds represent a massive opportunity to do more and more business with people you know, like and trust.

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